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The USMLE Step 2CK Drills Book
The ONLY High-Yield USMLE Step 2CK Preparation Guide Dedicated Entirely To Drill Session Questions! Master The Small Stuff So You Can Handle The Big Stuff On Exam Day!
  • ​5,900+ High-Yield Drills: More than 5,900 super high-yield USMLE Step 2CK questions to ensure that you know the most important information that's likely to show up on exam day.
  • ​Ideal For Self AND Partner Study: The book is designed in a 2-column format so that you can easily block out the answers while reading the questions (so you can't cheat!) - we'll also include a large answer-guard with your purchase that you can use as you go through the book.
  • Clinical Mastery For The Wards + The Step 2 CK Exam: Not only will this book be your best friend as you review the high-yield Step 2 CK material for exam day, it will also help you reinforce everything you learn throughout your core clinical rotations.
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 A Great Supplement To Your QBanks & Clinical Rotations
 Perfect For Quick Review of The Highest-Yield Step 2CK Info
Helps You Reinforce The Stuff You WILL SEE On Exam Day!
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